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Mini Smile Design


This type of design is ideal for those people who need to correct small details in their smile.

High aesthetic resin 

Small details make big differences. And that is certified by our mini smile design patients. 

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.


The edges that are not aligned, the small wear caused by bruxism, breaks when biting hard things...

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.

Even patients who finish their orthodontic treatment usually undergo this type of treatment. 

IMG_3880 (1).jpg

Therefore, it is purely an aesthetic treatment, it does not require the use of anesthesia since it does not cause pain. 


For this reason, the naturalness and harmony of the tooth is maintained, giving it a new opportunity and correcting its imperfections. 


It should be mentioned that smile design is a minimally invasive treatment. 

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.


The high aesthetic resins used in the mini smile designs are made to match the color and texture. 


In addition to this, there is a fundamental step to achieve a good result and that is that after all "What is a good brush without a good artist?"

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.

IMG_4302 (1).jpg

Once again it is designed thinking about the naturalness of the teeth, being conservative. 

Picsart_23-11-07_18-51-39-085 (1).jpg

Therefore, every effort is made to preserve the natural tooth. Carving the minimum necessary.

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.

The importance of giving security to a smile that needed to shine again. 

Online agenda. It's easy, fast and safe.


Without sacrificing the functionality and health of the patient, a beautiful aesthetic can be achieved. 

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