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Smile Design


"Doctor, may Jesus and God fill your hearts and those of your loved ones with much grace, health and abundance. A hug and thank you, thank you and a thousand thanks." ​


Angela Arango.


Outside of aesthetics, the patient needed functionality, since she has a serious bruxism problem.


20 ceramic veneers

Patient who visits us from Medellín, previously had a resin smile design.

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In this case, several details were presented to be corrected and of course the challenge was taken up.


For this reason, 20 ceramic veneers and a neuromuscular plate were made, to be able to withstand the high impact that the shock generates on his teeth.

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IMG_5251 (1).jpg

Mixed Rehabilitation 28 Units

Patients who visit us from Australia mainly contact us to do complete oral rehabilitation.

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"I'm already on my way to the airport. I thank you very much for your time and dedication, I felt very comfortable with your professional services, it was a great pleasure to meet you. From my heart I am super grateful and happy with my new smile, I wish you total success. Never "Stop dreaming because what you dream about can be achieved." ​


Pablo Carmona.

All the main contact was via WhatsApp, there the initial dental diagnosis was made.


With the information that the patient shared and supported by radiographic studies, it was concluded that he would travel to Colombia to begin his treatment with us.


The challenge, rehabilitate 28 ceramic teeth with lifting of the OVD, thus being a mixed rehabilitation. 


Composed of zirconia crowns and lithium disilicate crowns for anterior. 

All crowns and resin veneers that the patient previously had were replaced. 


The entire procedure was carried out once again, in record time (only 2 and a half weeks). 

A long trip that was definitely worth it. A successful job that we are proud to present to you and a patient satisfied and happy to have this beautiful result.

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"Wow, great. It looks fabulous, it was so worth it. It's very natural, the color, the shape, the texture. God bless you for this spectacular work. I loved it, it's fabulous." ​


Ana Laiton.


Something that allows you to have more confidence when consuming dark drinks or foods with pigments. And that it has better resistance. 


There is a notable difference between resin veneers and highly aesthetic ceramic veneers. 


10 Upper Veneers

Patient who comes to us with resin veneers has had the intention of changing them for a long time.

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Because resin veneers tend to become pigmented and fractures occurred in their previous treatment, it is for this reason that the patient makes the decision to undergo a definitive treatment such as ceramic veneers.


Without your smile or the color of your teeth being affected, and leaving aside the fact of repairing them every time they break.  


And this can be seen in its texture, shine, color and shape. It is definitely the best decision for someone who wants a smile design.

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Lithium Disilicate (E-MAX)

The resistance of disilicate is up to three times greater than that of other ceramic materials and allows its color to be adapted to any shade,

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"Grateful for your spectacular work, thank you very much for all your efforts. I am very happy with my new teeth ".

Magda Mendez.


In addition, it has great biocompatibility (does not cause allergies) and offers an excellent fit,


It maintains good adhesion to the tooth, in thin veneers and crowns, whether with adhesive or cementation, as well as a good relationship with the gum.


All of this gives the teeth an appearance of normality that is highly durable.

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"The human and professional quality of Dentismai is unsurpassed, happy with my smile design, Totally recommended". ​


Camila Luna.


In many cases, dental professionals can give 100 percent and will still have several complications to achieve perfect smiles.


10 Ceramic Lenses

If you are one of the people who has spent a lot of time with orthodontics and at the end of your treatment you see some details in your teeth.

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Smile design with ceramic veneers may be the ideal way to definitively solve these problems.


It is for them that they sometimes recommend much more invasive methods performed by maxillofacial surgeons.

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And the idea is not to reach such complicated processes, for that reason a practical, painless and aesthetic solution is presented "ceramic veneers or lenses."

IMG_4275 (1).jpg

"I am very happy, this doctor is incredible. I am leaving very happy because I had a lot of trauma as a child with my teeth and so on and here they have made me very happy, impressive, highly recommended." ​


Yesica Gutierrez.


A great material that gives the right appearance between naturalness and perfection.


10 Ceramic Veneers

Remember that having a beautiful smile is not only to improve your dental health, with it you will also find great peace of mind.

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In this case we worked with ceramic lenses, which were designed with E.MAX lithium disilicate.


Our goal is for you to be able to smile with confidence again.

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"They make me feel at home because it was my first time visiting Bogotá... I would recommend Dentismai to all my friends".

Mary Martin. 


We fulfill your wishes to create a harmonious and functional smile, accompanied by our professionals.



Through ceramic veneers we can obtain your smile design in just one click.

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We work hand in hand with the best digital technology so you can see the planning and design step by step. 


Our goal is for you to be able to smile with confidence again, 

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